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Beginning December 15TH 2014  The Gun Shop LLC will no longer performing interstate transfers. The internet sales business has under cut the prices that a local retail store can offer a product for. The internet companies do not charge sales tax which also affects our local economy. The internet sales companies under cut local businesses but then need our retail locations to complete their transactions with very little to no profit to our local shops. As a local small business we are choosing not to support the undercutting by internet sales companies.  We believe in the local economy and helping it to thrive.  Please help support our cause by supporting local Colorado Springs Businesses.  Thanks Gun Shop Team!

     Come by and see us at our new location at 3775 East La Salle st Corner of La Salle and Academy

     We strive to provide great customer service with high quality products.  We have restructured our inventory towards law enforcement and security supplies.We have also become a CLASS III DEALER.

Our new inventory in stock  is the  full line of smith and wesson, Glock,  parts kits for Ar 15 lowers, parts kits and rifles  Ak47 platform rifles in 7.62 x 39, 308, and 12 gauge, Zastava, Jrc carbines , saiga. we also have in stock mossberg 590 a1 tactical 12 gauge shot guns, mossberg 500 tactical shotguns. We are also carry handcuffs, handcuff keys, 5-11 tactical gear and pens.    Come on in and check us out for a variety of firearms, ammunition, accessories, hearing and eye protection, martial arts supplies including bokken, Jo, Shinai and Hakama,  custom knives, custom holsters, targets, cleaning supplies, survival products,  concealed carry purses. I am now carrying the line of Girls with Guns clothing line.   

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We are offering more training in the other half of our business. check out the website for it Zanshin Fitness Studios for a full list of classes and our calender @ 

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This photo was taken during the shoot of our commercial.  Thanks to our special friends and customers that took time out of their day to help.

We now offer a wide variety of firearms courses from basic to advanced and tactical from certified NRA instructors,  (We really pride ourselves on keeping our class sizes small for a more comfortable atmosphere) 

 call today to schedule 719-637-5153

Family out at the range
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